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AlphamU is well positioned to be a transformational partner for small to large companies who are envisioning their journey into the Wearable's and for those who are looking for upgrading their products with latest technological advancements and trendy features.

Alphamu team has deep and inherent experience in Wearable's technologies. Alphamu team has worked and successfully delivered medium to large scale projects in Wearable on Android and Customer specific Micro controller platforms.

Experience on Sensor Devices

Extensive knowledge and practical experience on various sensors like Optical, UV, Capacitive, GPS, gravity, Audio and Video etc. which can be used across various industries like

  • Consumer

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • Industrial

These sensors can be used in building Wearable/Smart Watches to enable Health care and fitness features

  • Built products with these sensors to CE Tier 1 customers

  • Device Driver development and Integration to the open source frameworks like Android and Customized frameworks​​

Legacy Healthcare Products Upgradation

Analyzing the legacy health care products involving analog components and providing the feasibility to enhance it

  • Transforming Legacy products to low cost, improved precision, more reliable systems by converting Analog to Digital systems

  • Sound knowledge on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Platform/Processors knowledge will help to realize the solutions in shorter time to market

  • System upgrade with latest features (functional and connectivity)

Alphamu Service Offerings

Working with customer from ideation to production of the Wearable and Health care Products providing cost effective solution (hardware + software)

  • Sound knowledge and real-time experience in implementing the health 
    care and fitness solutions in to Wearable's & Smart watches

  • M2M, iOT and Cloud integration to the system for remote data collection
    and monitoring

  • Data security at various stages of the product or software solution

  • Optimization of the existing solution to reduce the BOM cost

  • Platform (Android, Windows, iOS and uC ) specific implementation

  • Rebuilding the legacy healthcare products to optimize the cost and
    increase the performance with future up gradation

  • Developing and optimizing the Algorithms to target platforms

  • Integration of various healthcare and fitness algorithms

  • Mobile Application Development (Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Product and Algorithms functional, performance and stability validation

  • World class support ( On-site and off-site )

  • Rapid development to reduce Time to Market

  • Alphamu’s optimized HR Algorithms suite

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