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The delivery of quality software is the result of thorough test planning and proper execution. The Software Test Plan acts as a road-map for all software testing within a project. It describes which phases of testing will be implemented during the various stages of software development. The Software Test Plan shall reflect the overall test strategy which has been drawn up for the testing function and should be written by the Test Manager for the project to which it pertains.


The objective of test planning is:

Map out a comprehensive actionable test plan that ensures test coverage and test effectiveness,
Improve the integrity of the IT solution development and delivery processes
Validate operational readiness and end product quality.

Testing is the process of evaluating or exercising a system or system component by manual or automated means to verify that the software meets specified requirements. It is important because it measures the level of quality achieved and yet to be achieved. Testing helps avoid cascading of defects from one phase of software development to another. Cost of fixing defects after delivering it is more than cost of investing in testing.

Why do we test software?

Developers are unable build defect-free software. If the development processes were so good, meaning no defects were produced, so, obviously testing would not be necessary.

The two gaps have to be filled

One-what is specified to be delivered, means the documented requirements and actually what is delivered. The second gap is between what the producer actually delivers compared to what the customer expects.

Role of a tester - A tester should assure that the software meets client/user’s needs. It can be used with negligible risks. This is achieved through proper Verification and Validation.

Verification - It is the process of determining whether or not the product of given phase fulfill the spec. from the previous phase. Uses reviews, inspections, and demonstrations throughout development to ensure the quality of the product of that phase, including that it meets the requirements from the previous phase.

Validation - The process of evaluating the software at the end of development to ensure compliance with the specified requirements.

Our testing Services help our clients apply best practices and implement tools effectively to achieve the optimum return on their investment and provide real benefit to the projects in which they are implemented.

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