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Alphamu is well positioned to be a transformational partner for small to large companies who are envisioning their journey into the Cloud. Alphamu team has deep and inherent experience in Cloud Computing consulting and expertise in Cloud Computing technologies. Alphamu team has worked and successfully delivered medium to large scale projects in Cloud computing, Cloud storage on various cloud platforms which include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine and Rackspace RackConnect.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Alphamu Team’s Cloud experience


Internet of Things

  • Designed and developed interfaces for IoT devices to phone home data to storage in the cloud. The phone home system periodically sends statistics from the devices to Amazon S3 instances and the stats are analyzed through fingerprints on the cloud to determine the health of the device and its components.

  • Developed background scrubbers on Amazon EC2 instances and these scrubbers parse, analyze the device data in parallel and generate reports on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

  • Designed, developed and deployed a secure remote assist service on Amazon EC2 that provides remote access to devices from anywhere in the world.

Large scale E-commerce websites and applications on various Cloud platforms

  • Built large scale e-commerce applications and websites on Google Cloud platform and Rackspace RackConnect

  • Developed and integrated with various Social media end points like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

  • Built secure e-commerce payment gateway systems on Microsoft Azure that are highly available and can be accessed from anywhere in the world

Private Cloud deployments

  • Designed and developed learning platform Cloud services including device management, e-commerce, content delivery and backup/restore of content to and from the Cloud

  • Designed and developed the web e-book reader and integrated with Facebook

Big data Analytics

  • Designed and developed a framework to upload and parse user behavior logs and create analytics using NoSQL database (Apache Cassandra), Scala and Spark

  • The analytical findings led to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency and competitive advantage.

Alphamu’s Cloud Advantage
  • Built large scale e-commerce applications and websites on Google Cloud platform and Rackspace RackConnect

  • Successfully deployed Scale-out and Scale-up systems in the Cloud to match business needs

  • Alphamu works closely with customers to determine their readiness for Cloud and help evaluate their business case and ROI

  • Alphamu provides best practices, tools and frameworks for any easy migration to Cloud

  • Alphamu makes it easy for customers to migrate from Private Cloud to Public Cloud and if required switch between various Public Cloud platforms

  • Experienced technical team who have successfully delivered small to large scale products on various Cloud platforms

  • Dedicated team that provides world-class support to customers across the globe​

Alphamu’s Cloud solution features
  • Optimized & Cost-effective: Aligns with your resources and demands

  • Menu of Cloud service platforms to choose from

  • Elastic, Scalable and Stability: Support growth without adding complexity

  • Resilient, flexible and dynamic: Adapts to your changing needs

  • Security: Always secure resources

  • Metered and managed: Metrics for reporting, analysis and service management

  • Scale at density: Provides economies of scale to cut cost as your company grows

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