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Alphamu is currently working with clients to provide framework and solutions to leverage big data tools and processes to enable enterprise to aggregate, discover, analyze, visualize and predict business insights using advanced analytics including Machine Learning & AI


Alphamu Capabilities:

  • Provide advisory for cutting edge tools in Hadoop Ecosystem & Advanced Analytics

  • Conduct proof of concepts in internal and external laboratories and evolve into a full fledged Business Solution

  • Provide ongoing assistance during short and long-term Data engagements

  • Provide industry insight and expertise to fill the personnel gap, trains and deploys team in data services programs



  • Data Ingestion

  • Data Transformation

  • Data Distribution

  • Metadata Management

  • Data Quality

  • Data Security

  • Data Governance



  • Big Data Hub

  • Legacy Platform Migration

  • Big Data Tool Kit

  • Big Data Analytics Hub

  • Sandbox / On-Demand Labs

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